Lakeside, UK


Client: Lake District National Park Authority


Date: 2015


Project: Design and construct a new jetty for Windermere Lake Cruises and leisure craft visiting YMCA Lakeside on Windermere.


Orsta designed three custom pontoons consisting of concrete floats with a HDG steel frame. Paling boards, upstands and the deck of the pontoons were made from hardwood. The decking boards were supplied with non-slip material. Due to bad ground conditions, piling proved impossible. Anchors were used to moor the pontoons.


Connection to the shore was made by means of a 24-meter aluminium bridge with the same hardwood decking and non-slip provisions. On shore waiting area was installed.


Scope: 3 pontoons of l 12.00 x w 3.00 x h 1.00 (freeboard) meters including hardwood palingboards, gangway, decking and handrails. 1 no. aluminium gangway of 24 meters. Waiting area for lake cruise passengers.

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