Orsta pontoons and breakwaters are heavy displacement pre cast steel reinforced concrete structures with up to15cm thick deck and walls and a closed cell expanded polystyrene core. The pontoons are very heavy, massively strong, are extremely stable and maintenance free. The concrete structures are very durable with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years as standard. The closed cell polystyrene core means the pontoons are unsinkable.


Concrete is inert in sea water and therefore does not require any protective surface coating or cathodic protection. In this application concrete pontoons are more environmentally friendly than steel structured pontoons.


The pontoon units are connected by so called long wire connections. The couplings are silent, have no moving parts and are easily replaced.

Mooring bollard options range from 5 tonne to 20 tonne capacity as standard. A range of fendering options are available to suit specific vessel requirements. If required service ducts can be pre installed to allow routing of m&e service cables and pipes beneath the pontoon deck.




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